Guitar lessons through ME have helped my kids see the world from a bigger perspective and feel connected to the beauty of music. We have been blessed with several great moments because of ME. I am proud of my kids performances but what is best is when they come out of those practice rooms beaming with excitement over learning more. I loved the fact that Daniel showed Matthew a YouTube video of someone playing the "Transformers" theme song. Matthew finally realized how cool it could be to play guitar! Emily has been very sweet towards my daughter. We set up a performance for Allyson in front of her class at school and Emily has even gone to school just to have lunch with Allyson. I hope Allyson and Matthew will continue in the ME program.

- Jennifer, ME Parent



The music for my son was great. What I like most was how well he and his teacher connected. It was important for my son to have this. It helped him enjoy the music more.

- Marvena, ME Parent


When I started giving lessons, I thought I was going to be giving a service to someone else. In reality, I've learned and grown along the way as well. I've developed a bond with my student and have learned once again what it's like to see the world through the eyes of the kid. I've also been challenged to learn how to teach something that seems second nature to me, but it's been absolutely rewarding. At the end of our lessons, regardless if they went well or not, my student always says, "See you next Thursday!" with so much excitement. I can't describe the happy emotions those four words give me when Cesar says them. For me, it's proof that I'm making a difference in someone's life through music - which is a truly amazing thing.

- Ryan, ME Teacher

ME give us (parents) hope in a future that we want to work on: one day when Andrew goes to college, we want him to be just like the volunteers in ME, teaching music to kids who do not have this kind of opportunity.

- Anonymous ME Parent


I would like to say thank you so much for this program. My kids improved a lot from the teacher – they have had a very great time to take the piano lessons with Katherine for more than 3 years. This is the last year for her because she will graduate in a few weeks. Both my sons have taken lessons with her since her first year at UNC. She is very great teacher. I love her and thank you Musical Empowerment for giving a very good opportunity to my family.

- Wanlapa, ME Parent


I am very lucky to know of this program! My kids (2) have an opportunity where they are exposed to music but having private lessons is great.  I love this program because of the instrument rental and the teachers are amazing at teaching. 

- Esmeralda, ME Parent



It is really nice to be able to learn more pieces of music. I really enjoy learning music and getting help from my teacher.

- Tay Nay, ME Student



I started with Music Empowerment fall 2014. I have been fortunate enough to have had phenomenal violin and piano teachers who taught me not only characteristics of being a musician, but life habits and goals to love by to be the best person I can be. A huge shout out goes to my mom, who always encouraged and inspired my interest by driving me here there and everywhere to lessons and competitions. I hope to do as my family as my teachers did, and serve as a role model to children in music and in life, for lessons learned in music are certainly transferable to the real world.

- Roisin, ME Teacher



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