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Musical Empowerment at UNC-Chapel Hill serves 170 children in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro school district whose families would not otherwise have access to music lessons. UNC-Chapel Hill students are paired with CHCCS children for free weekly, 40 minute, one-on-one music lessons and mentorship. Our program provides free instruments, music books, teacher workshops, and trainings to participants, as well as any other resources that may improve the quality and value of lessons. All lessons are virtual for fall 2020.

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FAQ's for Parents 

What if we don’t have the appropriate technology to have lessons? 

You can email and explain your issue and they will be able to accommodate you. 


When is the end of the semester for Musical Empowerment? 

Teachers will be encouraged to teach until mid-December as they usually would. However, it is important to keep in mind that UNC’s semester is ending this year on November 17th, so some teachers may not be available after this time. 

What is the minimum age for students? 

This will depend on the instrument. For piano, it is 1st grade. A general guidance is to make sure that the student would be able to stay engaged for a 40 minute lesson. Additionally, it is important that this semester, all lessons will be virtual. 

Who can I contact with any concerns regarding my student’s teacher or their lessons? 

Please email with any concerns you have. We will be sure to get back to you within 24 hours. 

How will Musical Empowerment be providing the same musical education in a virtual setting? 

We have worked heavily to train of all of our teachers to equip them with the tools necessary to provide engaging virtual lessons. Furthermore, we are planning group student workshops and creating lists of virtual musical performances for students to listen to. 


For Teachers

Need help with translation when communicating with your student's family? Fill out this form

Have an issue or question related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)? Fill out this form


Musical Empowerment at UNC-Chapel Hill Team 


Board of Directors

Katharine Batchelor, Board Chair, Operations Director at North Carolina Study Center

Jeff Fuchs, Director of University Bands and Coordinator of External Activities at UNC-Chapel Hill

Ann Daaleman, Director of Phillips Middle School Orchestra Program

Marissa Cranford, Former Musical Empowerment at UNC Co-President, nursing student at Duke University

Jesse Safir, Musical Empowerment Parent 

Joshua Pongsitiphon, Current Carrboro High School Student, Musical Empowerment Student of 7+ years

Mikey Mueller, Current Musical Empowerment at UNC Senior Co-President

Abigale Hawkins (ex-officio), Current Musical Empowerment at UNC Junior Co-President


Faculty Advisor

Dr. David Garcia, Professor at UNC-Chapel Hill



UNC Music Department

UNC-Chapel Hill Campus Y

Carolina Center for Public Service: APPLES Service Learning Program

Carolina Performing Arts

University United Methodist Church


A partial list of the past student co-presidents of Musical Empowerment at UNC-Chapel Hill is given below:

  • Christine Moseley (Founder)

  • Michelle Lee

  • Mark Frank

  • Kara Schoo

  • Josie Johnson

  • Landon Meekins

  • Wes Johnson

  • Michele Hicks

  • Maggie Peng

  • Allie Howard

  • Katie Weinel

  • Kaitlyn Hamlett

  • Meredith Richard

  • Connor Davis

  • Marissa Cranford

  • Lindsay Player 

  • Evan Linett

  • Kelly Kennedy 


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​Musical Empowerment is a 501(c)(3)

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